For adventurers, lovers and the young at heart, this place is for you. Here you’ll find what this beautiful country has to offer, from great valleys, to mountain ranges, rivers, oceans and deserts. Discover Colombia. One of the most biodiverse countries in the world, it ranks first in bird and plant species, and it’s filled with history, magical realism and exotic landscapes.

Welcome to our home! Let our walls speak to you, and tell you our story.
Help us to make you experience the ‘Real’ Colombia.

1st Floor


From the highest summits, a forceful race of invincible people knit, between lines, volumes… See more

2nd Floor


Agile shadows move within the depths of a mystical green jungle. Men, women and children… See more

3rd Floor


After a long trip, you arrive at a land of happiness, where summer mixes with the smiles… See more

4th Floor


The moon casts shadows on everyone it touches. They are lonely, proud people, respectful… See more


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How to get here

If you are traveling by bus from the Jose Maria Cordova Airport in Rionegro, ask for the bus that takes Las Palmas Highway to get to Medellín. Get off at the San Diego Shopping Center, and from there take the Metro at “Exposiciones” station.  Take the metro-line heading south and get off at “El Poblado” station.  We’re a five-minute walk from there.

Another option is to take a taxi from the airport.  It’s a 50-minute ride that will cost you around US$25.